• Tease! A Blow Wave Of Sexual Awakening

    It was with much excitement that we headed off to the Auto & General Theatre On The Square last night to get our Tease! on… Mind. Blown. Directed by JOSE DOMINGOS, a truly stellar performance was put on by first lady of comedy TUMI MORAKE and the original ‘CaveWOman’ VANESSA F... View Post
  • 37 Questions To Ask Your Partner About Sex

    A question I often get asked, which seems to be a pretty straightforward one, is ‘How do I spice up my relationship?’ The very nature of being in the pleasure product industry often means fielding some very personal questions, but out of them all this one comes up a LOT. While this might seem... View Post
  • 3 Surefire Ways To Declutter Your Sex Life

    I'm a huge Marie Kondo fan. Admittedly, I have yet to Marie Kondo my house, because I started in a place that brings me an endless amount of joy instead - my toybox! Seems fair, doesn’t it? So if you’re feeling a little less enthusiastic in the sex department lately, read on! Sometimes small ... View Post