I adore Steve because he's... well...  particularly particular. After a couple of debates around why on earth you would need a penis pump I surrendered and sent him home with one - almost against his will.

Surprisingly enough (cough) it won him over!

Read on for a blow by blow account of his experience. The good, the bad and the majestic! 

I always enjoy Steves feedback - it's brutally honest without the fluff which makes it incredibly valuable. I hope you find it as helpful as we do! 

The long and short of it is...

'Definately a fun toy to have in my collection. Although the Mrs found it strange at first she is loving it now and often walks in holding the pump with a big smile on her face. Evil or naughty I don't know but she loves to watch as it grows thick and hard.'

Why a penis pump?

Well penis pumps are actually not only for what you think they're for. You only want growth? No. The penis is not going to get permanently bigger using a pump. Think about it, you are a man and have been yanking that thing for years. After all that work you would think it would be stretched to the moon and back. So no, there is no physical proof a penis pump can permanently enlarge you cock.

However it is designed to create a vacuum that brings all the blood to the surface which engorges the diameter of your cock and instantly makes you erect.

penis pump

Slow and steady

That said, pumping it up to the max may help a little but slow and steady wins the race. Within 10 seconds of using the pump it's a beautiful sight, even you will be impressed by this monstrosity in the tube. But releasing it immediately has a minimal effect and with in a few minutes it's deflated. Dammit what a waste! This stupid thing doesn't work! No, you never gave it the opportunity to do its job properly.

Pump it baby, pump it!

Think of it as a gym appliance. Training your cock is key. Take a few minutes and slowly work your way into the moment. Release and redo. The blood cells need to fully reach the surface and hold before you're ready to toy with this thick engorged rock hard cock.3 minutes or more works a charm.

Don't just shove it in and pump away. Start slowly. Lube up the entrance of the pump and slowly allow the tip to be suctioned in keeping a backward pressure on it. Pump and hold and watch it start to swell. Pump a little more and allow a little more in. Take your time until the whole shaft is in. Please be careful towards the end, place it firmly against your body as the vacuum is enough to suck in a testicle. 

Now that it's all in and pressed up against the body pump it up to a good place and hold. Give it a few seconds and go a bit more. Eventually you will get to a point of discomfort and that's the limit for now. Release the pressure and start again. This should take you 3 to five minutes there is no need to rush. You will find you can pressurize it more each time and the discomfort point will be less allowing for more pressure.

And release...

When you feel you're ready, release the pressure and see how he looks and you will find a point where he is ready for action.

Bear in mind at full pressure your cock looks monstrous and yes we would all love it to stay that way but it is a little more that what we really offering. So don't be too disappointed when the pressure releases and he drops in size. You are however left with a fat juicy hard cock ready for action. You won't be disappointed and neither will your partner.

The diameter is thicker and your perfect erection is ready to please.

Put a ring on it

Oh wait! What are we forgetting? The blood can easily escape and will slowly go back to a natural erection. How do we keep it looking so magnificent and glorious?

This is where a well sized cock ring comes in. You want to keep the blood pumped but not strangle the poor fella so don't skimp on a cheap one. Maybe buy a set of 3 sizes. Find a comfortable but tight fitting ring.

Make sure they don't roll and pinch you and well before using the pump, place the cock ring over the balls and cock and get it comfortable before following the steps of the pump. If well executed you should be able to maintain the glistening majestic cock for much longer. A cock ring also helps maintain erections and prolongs ejaculation. Always a plus when two bodies are bumping.

The result?

After your fun, you get to enjoy a soft fat happy penis in your pants. I can feel he is still chubby for hours after and even though it's not hard it's still a very happy and accomplished feeling.

Using your penis pump regularly is the perfect exercise and excellent endurance training. Daily use is perfect and it's promoting blood flow. I am on week 2 so far and finding amazing results.

It's important to remember that too much too long may cause an injury so 5 minutes at a time is more than enough. You can burst a blood vessel or bring too much blood to the surface so don't abuse your boy, he wants to enjoy many more experiences.

Happy pumping and happy humping going forward.


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