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Play. With. Me. Three words that are an experience, an invitation and a manifesto. Three words that are about fun, intimacy and an acceptance, sense, and love of self. While Play With Me is, indeed, a premium supplier of intimate adult products, what we believe in, what we strive for is so much more than that.

Play With Me is a conversation starter. A place where we meet women, and men, who are looking for something more, even if they aren’t too sure what that ‘more’ is. While we are happy to provide a range of the very best sex toys, our vision is to understand where our clients are coming from emotionally, to look at the root causes of intimacy issues and unfulfilling physical and emotional relationships.

And so we return to Play With Me.

Play – Have fun, be naughty, be nice, be classy, be slutty in a classy way. And discover what it is you really want

With – Get intimate, understand, forgive, learn, work through issues of self-image and self-doubt together. Remember what got your heart racing in the first place. Liberate. Release. And enjoy!

Me – Learn to love yourself again. Love your perfect imperfections. Before you can teach your partner how to love you and give you pleasure, remember how to truly love yourself and what gave, and gives, you pleasure.

So let’s start now, a world of wonderful experiences awaits.

Be Bold, Stay Playful

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