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As my clients will know, if they've ever interacted with me in my space, it's all of the above. Honest, real and OK. We don't know what we don't know and that's OK. You have your kinks and that's OK. Also, if you're a straight man looking for a prostate massager, that's OK too.

I think I spend a lot of my time making things OK for other people. There is a dire need for honest education and information in this space.

Sex positivity is trending and Lola is hot on the buttons as her Lola's Lessons series of shows trends internationally reaching #1 for the second week in a row as of today! 

Lola pops the question

But back to the point. When Lola messaged me at the very crack of dawn one Saturday morning and asked me to co-host Season 3 of her brainchild (Lola's Lessons) it was an easy choice to make.

I thoroughly enjoy spending time with Lola. After being on her show in Season 2 it's evident that her energy and honestly sets her apart from many. The frank discussions, the humour - it all just works. She has such an incredible passion for people. I gravitate towards this because it's always about the 'we'. What her Lustful Listeners need to get from her shows is something that is extremely important to her. I appreciate her so much for this.

That said, little did I know what I was in for every Friday night! I have personally benefited more from the interactions on her show in the past few weeks that I have from double the amount of time on the internet.

When I see the line-up I often wonder how much more there could possibly be to know about the subject - and then I start getting excited because we all have preconceived ideas about many things. Another perspective is always, always welcomed. The guests we chat to are fascinating and knowledgeable and Lola and her vibrant personality makes it really easy to get the most out of every session!

I urge you to take a listen to the shows that we've had. I'm not going to ruin it for you here with too much detail, however, I absolutely have to share my take on Season 3 of Lola's Lessons so far, so here goes:

L1 - Sensually Seductive with Jaz!

Our first Lesson was all about sensuality. Easy, right? Uuuum, not always! Mizz Jaz (one of the most sensual people I know) taught us how to go about being sensual on a daily basis. Being sexy and sensual as you drive your car or open a milk carton or sip on your straw. The daily act of being sensual, helps you feel sensual and this recipe pays off in the end.

How to be sensual with your partner, how to practice and deliver with confidence! Handy tips and tricks that I genuinely don't recall anyone spelling out to me before.

A worthy opening episode indeed! 

L2 - Tantra Time with Tara Rose!

This episode knocked my socks off. We all know what Tantra is. We've heard of it. There are couches for it and perhaps some incense. Mind, body soul. Roughly, yes?

Again, not quite! This episode (or should I say Tara herself) had us hypnotized at minute 42 (we checked). An absolute expert in the field of Tantra, her knowledge of the subject is astonishing. Her voice is mesmerizing and after just an hour you feel like you've travelled to another universe and back again.

There is a whole lot more to Tantra that I would personally still like to cover. A healing and worthy practice that, in my humble opinion, should be practiced far more often by many more!

L3 - Pillow Talk with Domina Faye

What's up with all the seductive voices we have on this show? Domina Faye is captivating! I could hit repeat on this episode in a heartbeat!

Again, there are many misconceptions about what Pillow Talk is. It's not only whispering sweet nothings into your lovers ear post coitus.

Pillow Talk is all about communication and not only in the bedroom. Domina Faye delivered some incredible tools for effective communication between two people as well as how to deal with conflict. This was an incredibly useful and valuable lesson with easy-to-follow guidelines that will come in handy for any person in a relationship.

A properly fun, flirty and useful episode!

L4 - The Sensuality Of Beautiful Boudoir with Alli Maaske!

A riot this was! The three of us in Allis' new studio at the top of the Play With Me shop was a night to remember!

Alli has transformed the space into something quite spectacular. An exquisite studio that is every bit as inviting as her personality. What I enjoy about Alli is her ability to understand where each and every woman who books for or enquires about a shoot is coming from. She gets to the root cause of any kind of trauma or lack of self-confidence and with her magic she makes it all better with the work that she does.

With a personal and vested interest in each and every female that crosses her path, her attention to detail and kindness stands out for me.

The process she follows works. Pre coaching to ease the nerves for the day of the shoot, the incredible care and consideration on the day. It's pure art.  All of it. I can see why she has such a tremendous, loving following. 

I finally, finally understand!

L5 - Penetration Prohibition with Mizz Jaz

All things oral. This can make some people uncomfortable. Except, when it's an actual lesson and Lola dives right into it, it becomes far easier to learn about!

Our first extended show because there was a heck of a lot to cover. From preparation - mentally and physically to the actual act with tips and techniques for days thanks to the ever knowledgeable and hands on miss Jaz!

It was a fun fun time and I think this lesson will go a long way to easing the nerves for your next oral adventures :)

Highly recommend!

But that's not all!

Finally, I'm not sitting her on my Sunday night writing this blog for extra brownie points, promise.

I have experienced first hand over the past few weeks what a difference the high caliber level of education that Lola Blakely Productions provides can do to change your life and relationships for the better.


Thank you Lady Lola!


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Until next time, be bold & stay playful!


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