Being caged can be extremely exciting and fulfilling!

Orgasm denial can increase your sex drive and improve your focus while heightening the stakes of a dom/sub relationship where a master or mistress is able to punish their sub by denying them not just sex but the ability to orgasm.

What has generally been a fetish or kink practice is now becoming more of a mainstream treat as our South African women add these cages to their toyboxes for their lovers to enjoy...

Not only does it give women a greater feeling of control, it goes a long way in enhancing foreplay.

Bringing the spice back has never been more exciting, especially not for your lover. Surprise babe, let's put you in this 😊

LoveToy JAILED Metal Chastity Cage For Men


So, what does it feel like being locked in a chastity cage?

These Quora write-ups pretty much say it all!

‘I wear a chastity cage for my girlfriend whenever I feel tempted to touch myself. She owns my cock and I’m not allowed to use it for anything other than her pleasure.

While I give her oral sex whenever she desires it, she decides when and how I can orgasm, which is never more than once per week, and can go as long as she chooses. This has the effect of ensuring I’m always horny and eager to please her. Also, when we do have intercourse, my orgasm is much more intense, which she loves.‘

‘Wearing the chastity cage feels like a wedding ring, but also feels like I have my girlfriend’s hand constantly wrapped around my cock. It’s a constant reminder of my promise to her and of our little secret.’

‘So, being locked in chastity is arousing, frustrating, encourages devotion to your keyholder, and embarrassing. It is sometimes mildly uncomfortable and requires special attention to hygiene. I love it all. Being locked in chastity is a turn on for me and having the keys and the power is arousing for her. A win-win situation.’

Sounds thrilling enough?

In a world where nothing is guaranteed, please make damn sure you don't lose the keys 😉

As always - be bold, stay playful!


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  • Posted by Nic on

    I have been locked by my wife (married 28 years), and it spices up our sex life drastically!

    She receives whatever she wants, as for me… well that’s up to her

    She also insists that there is NO UNLOCKING TIME … so I can remain locked anything from 3 days to a month with zero release !

    Her method of teasing …. you please me however I want while you stay locked, I will have you take photos and vids and jow and then IF I WANT IT you can penetrate bit NOT ORGASM and directly after you will lock yourself up again !

    I am free to watch the videos and photos at leisure !

    Awsome life

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