we-vibe unite couples sex toy


Our last toy to explore was the We-Vibe and boy oh boy, did we vibe?! With the "Phalus Excelsior" and "Dildo Baggins" playtime we've already had, her vagina could eat sugar cubes from the palm of my hand by now, but press on, we must.

The prep...

This We-Vibe Unite comes with small wireless remote (and other models can even be controlled via a phone app) which makes it user friendly when your bodies are intertwined during coitus and getting to the buttons might be a challenge. But first we had to insert said We-Vibe, and by now she was soaked, tight and aroused swollen, which probably made it look like I was searching for my lost keys down there as it took a bit of careful placement and adjustments to get a snug and comfortable fit, something I shall need to practice some more... ughum...

This little bugger vibrates holistically giving internal vaginal ang g-spot stimulation as well as external clitoral and labia stimulation, but the internal part is flattened to allow your partner to enter you while having the toy inside you. Something we were eager to try. After again, running through the array if vibration patterns and settling in on a favourite we took up the missionary position (like it showed on the box) and admittedly the weird sensation of something "sitting in my spot" took some getting used to, but the vibrations over my dick made up for the slight discomfort.

The adjustments...

we-vibe unite couples sex toy vibrator

Taking care and keeping things calm, I used slow and gentle strokes at a steady pace which had us breathing deep in seconds. We had to stop a few times as her vagina pushed us both out when she came hard and deep. That pussy of hers has powers beyond belief. But then she suggested that I flip her over and take her from behind. I made her lie flat on her tummy and crossed her straightened legs at the ankles and proceeded to straddle her. Now I could penetrate her and have the We-Vibe against the underside of my pulsating penis and boy oh boy, this took some serious concentration and resolve for me not to erupt within seconds. It's my favourite sexual position already and now we just upped the stakes!? I was in trouble early on, but somehow the vibration eventually did do what they said it might do, and "numbed the area". This was not a bad thing as my dick was stiffer than a triathlon athlete on a Monday, yet felt oddly "dead" like it was given local anesthesia.


I am Super Dick!

So I had "super dick" going for me and proceeded to ravish her with due care not to hurt her (the toy is a tad bit rigid for a hard pounding) but still enough for her to feel my lust and admiration. She was clenching the sheets and biting the pillow while I was fucking her with my hands on her lower back and then I leaned forward to lay over her with my full body weight (something she loves) and then just fucking her with short, fast strokes with only the head of my dick. Alternating this with pushing myself back up when I went slower and deeper, we were both enjoying each other and enjoying the added sensation of the toy in our midst and after a few glorious waves of orgasms and sweat dropping from our bodies, we just had to call it quits. The sheer intensity and physicality of this play, started taking its toll. We were sexed up, satisfied and spent...all at the same time and it was time to give the toys a well deserved rest while we crawled on all fours to go have a drink and smoke outside... You know you just had mind altering sex, when you need a smoke and drinks break and you stand there trying to figure out if you feel loved or violated. This was that kinda party.


That's a YES!

We-Vibe was left for last in the age-old tradition of saving THE BEST for last. This little joy toy will ruin a fuck buddy friendship and make you fall in love. If you plan on investing in something for the toybox, I would sacrifice a few Woolworths shopping sprees and put the bucks towards this devious device...Wow!

 we-vibe unite couples sex toy vibrator

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