We love a good collab, most especially when it's with a local artist who's work blows our hair back! It's sexy, emotive, raw and real with all the local flavour to match.

We're super excited to make his work available for you to enjoy as well (access his gallery of work and get your print here).

Who is this talented young man?

Tebatso Machaba is an illustrator, animator, cartoonist, writer and comic book colorist. His artworks consist of abstract concepts, pop culture aesthetics and adult content.

Born and raised in a township famously, or infamously called Seshego in Limpopo, being a cartoonist peaked his interest from a very young age. The fascination of “moving drawings” as he would call animation, also ignited the fire of being a writer so he can have his own cartoons.

Tebatso Machaba Tey Artz

His older brother Koketso who’s a self taught cartoonist, played a huge part in his journey with his own comic books he created, that Tebatso became a fan of.

Before Tebatso could free draw, he would trace his older brother’s drawings as part of his practice. Years passed by and his brother introduced him to digital drawing. After a few lessons from his brother and a couple of tutorials online he started Tey Artz, late 2017, where he did commissioned portraits.

Today he uses his skills of illustrations and newly harnessed skill of animation to express himself in a way that words can’t describe.



'Haze' - Tey Artz

The importance of expression

Besides the different art styles that Tey Artz produces, adult content is the main focus mainly because maturity and free spiritedness is what makes us less judgmental of each other.

This brings less shame and more confidence in the bedroom, whether you’re with a spouse, or alone. 

His animations depict all of this, from normal kinks to very “extreme” ones because after all, everyone has their own thing.


'Trip' - Tey Artz


If there was ever a time to celebrate who you are, and unashamedly so, it's now!


Thanks Teba for reminding us of that!


As always, be bold & stay playful!


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