Some topics are easier to discuss than others, easier to understand or relate to and some, well, they're just beautiful to experience.

When we wished one of our favourite humans a happy Pride Month, her response pretty much said it all... 'I am proud EVERY month!!!'

True indeed, how wonderful it is to be free! Happy Pride EVERYTHING!



Morgana Robbertze

Age: 40 

Profession: It's been quite a journey so still figuring this one out.... 

Professional golfer

Personal trainer

Springbok tennis player



Marketing addict

Pick one I can do them all... (and more, we know this to be true)


When did you know you were gay? 

It's strange, some people can look back and point out one instance or moment but it wasn't that easy for me. I guess I remember having a crush on a teacher that was in high school when I was like 16. But then again, I also had a crush on one of my male teachers. 

I think when I realised this is very real to me (and kak scary) was when I started playing golf at 19. 

There was a girl and I felt a strange sexual VIBE. We had a different sort of connection and I tried my best to always bump into her. 

And then one evening we kissed and "OMG what just happened, why does that feel so good!" This is what opened my mind to the possibility of being gay. 

I struggled through most of my 20's and still dated guys randomly. It was only in my late 20's and 'being gay' became more acceptable that I accepted myself. 


The process of coming out... 




Gees that was a shitshow.

From being disowned by my parent for a few years to battling to being open in public. It was a long road to eventually not care what people think. 

Many people judge and I still find it today, it's a continuous process. It never ends, from meeting new people, to starting a new job or taking up a hobby. 

Being gay is not something you state on your CV. Lol.


What was the impact on your career? 

Looking back now I would have done it differently but I was completely in the closet.

I had sponsors and I had to keep up the facade of the sweet girl next door that stays single cause she has goals and aspirations. I even lied in interviews when asked about any boyfriends, I just said I am single as traveling doesn't allow for meaningful relationships. 

Nowadays, there are athletes that have said they're openly gay and I admire that. I wish I had the courage back then to be more open about it. 


What are your pet peeves? 

Gay girls don't have "real sex".

Men can "fix" what is wrong with us, we just have to be with the right guy. 

Gay people shouldn't have families, they will "damage" their children.

God says you can't be gay.

Gay people are promiscuous.


Best dating sites in your opinion?

OMF. There aren't any!! It is a desert out there people.

In actual fact I am thinking we should be rating people on dating sites... Like we do Uber or Mr Delivery. Maybe a potential future business venture come to think of it... (a born entrepreneur)


Any advice? 

Hell I don't have any advice. I guess all I can say is just be your authentic self and fuck everyone else. There are people and family out there who really love you won't judge you or care less about your sexuality. And the people that do.... well I could use some choice words here but I am sure you can find some of your own 😉




Pride: A reasonable and justifiable feeling of being worthwhile.

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