After receiving an intriguing customer review of the Womanizer Pro40 last week, we’ve been completely distracted by the female orgasm. Did you know that there are around 11 ways to get your big O on? 

So, what are they, and how are we going to have them? 

We’ve summarised our top 5 for your reading pleasure, with specific emphasis on the clitoral orgasm and its beloved best friend, the clitoral stimulator.


The Clitoral Orgasm

More than likely the most familiar is the clitoral orgasm. The sweet spot, where about 8,000 nerve endings congregate, with the SOLE purpose of bringing you pleasure. 

The perfect companion and spoil for your beloved lady button? The clitoral stimulator. It uses suction to engulf the clitoris without direct contact - new phrase: touchless stimulation. Make sure you hit the spot every time with one of our top picks which are as gentle as they are mind blowingly effective in producing fast, and often multiple orgasms on demand!  

  • The Womanizer To Go – the most discreet and travel friendly of the range is sneakily disguised as your favourite lipstick (love!). With 6 levels of suction intensity, although we doubt you’ll make it past 4… it’s rechargeable, waterproof and superbly quiet.       
  • The Womanizer Pro 40 – a very modest looking toy but does exactly what it promises to do and then some. With 7 levels of suction intensity it’s still small enough to fit into your handbag, easy to clean, rechargeable and waterproof. Very well priced for the experience it creates!  
  • Fifty Shades Freed Sweet Release – in keeping with the Freed range this toy is beautifully designed in purple and rose gold and is oh so elegant! It has 4 suction intensity levels as well as 4 suction patterns. What makes it quite versatile is that it can also be used in vibration mode only which boasts three vibration speeds. It’s travel safe (i.e. lockable) and comes with a satin storage pouch too!

The stimulation heads are as easy to clean as the products are to use. We recommend using a toy cleaner or antibacterial soap.

All products are made of 100% medical grade body safe silicon and are phthalate free (read up about why this is important here).


The G-Spot Orgasm

A deeper vaginal orgasm that many of us have been on a great quest to find at some point in our lives. For most, stimulation of the G spot, reported as being about 5cm from the entrance on roof of the vagina, creates a more intense orgasm than its fellow clitoris. Best described as a spongy button that responds to firm, consistent pressure and an angle of penetration - doggy style being the most popular.

That said, until today, disagreement still persists over its location and existence (au contraire!) and as such the general view on the G-spot is still very much subjective.  Apparently it’s also not abnormal to never experience G-spot stimulation, but try we shall!


The Elusive A-Spot

Ladies, please continue straight past the G-spot to find your anterior fornix erogenous zone, in other words – your A-spot, which is essentially another pleasure button that you can play with. Again, the jury is out as to whether it actually exists, but some experts swear it can trigger long-lasting orgasms.

What makes the A-spot so awesome? It creates greater intensity of sensation and lubrication – reportedly more ideal for foreplay, but that’s entirely up to you!

Doggy style gets the vote for best position in this department and a great sex toy to try for this is the Massage Wand.


The U-Spot

Far less complicated actually, and by no means a new thing. You won’t have to travel as far to find the U spot which is basically the area that surrounds the opening of the urethra in woman. You’ve more than likely been experiencing loads of pleasure from your U-spot already as most people seem to agree that oral sex is one of the best ways of stimulating it. It doesn’t require loads of pressure and feels best when it’s wet and touched gently.


The Coregasm

Ever had an orgasm while you’re working out? You did? Congratulations, you’ve had a coregasm! A coregasm is an exercise induced orgasm (EIO) and is pretty common among woman. It is most directly related to contractions of the lower abdominal muscles and, many women report that coregasms only take place for them after several reps or sets, or when their abdominal muscles are already fatigued.

I don’t think there has ever been more of an incentive to hit the gym, somebody get me a contract!


While this is only 5 of the 11, it’s rather impressive stuff and all the more reason  to go and get your O on! Whether it’s the G-spot, A-spot, U-spot or the Coregasm – just go have some moregasms and enjoy yourself!


Next up!

We’ve been so excited to fill you in on the benefits and myths surrounding the cock ring, which remains, in our opinion, one of the most underrated couples toys.

Fear not, it’s coming soon, but in the meantime - so are you!

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