TENGA FLEX Male Masturbation Sleeve

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Find much needed release with the TENGA FLEX reusable male masturbation sleeve.

TENGA FLEX features a soft outer casing, for extra sleek feel, which allows you to squeeze and twist at will for an even stronger vacuum sensation.

The flexible casing allows the entire unit to tighten and loosen with ease. Enjoy a variety of stimulating pressures and satisfying sensations as FLEX opens upon insertion and tightens on exit as you move it up and down.

FLEX is easy to clean, simply remove the elastomer sleeve and wash with water for multiple uses. The very convenient cap can be inverted to serve as a drying stand, allowing for easy and hygienic drying of the elastomer sleeve.

FLEX comes in two models and, thanks to its spiral form, provides just the right fit for all shapes and sizes:

Silky White – Gentle spiraling ribs embrace with delightful suction (smoother inner details, softer elastomer sleeve).

Rocky Black – Strong spiraling ribs stimulate with dynamic suction (more intricate inner details, tougher elastomer sleeve).