TENGA Egg Male Masturbator WONDER Pack 6s

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The TENGA Egg is a revolutionary male masturbation toy. Each egg features multiple layers of soft, wavy ribs that deliver a continuous ecstasy inducing sensation.

Made from a super stretchable material, the Egg expands drastically for a snug and pleasurable fit regardless of your size.

What we like about TENGA Egg is that it's approachable, easy to hide and carry, includes a sachet of lube and is inexpensive enough to be treated as disposable.

It also makes for a great novelty gift or sexy surprise for couples play!

How do they feel?

TENGA EGG WIND: Vertical wave pull-pull stimulation
TENGA EGG STUD: Hexagonal protrusion stimulation
TENGA EGG MESH: Clear stimulation of mesh edges
TENGA EGG TUBE: Twist stimulation of continuous steps
TENGA EGG CURL: Stimulation of swelling protrusions
TENGA EGG RING: Plump stimulation of the tightening ring

Recommended one time use only.