Tenga DUAL Sensation Disposable Masturbation Cup

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Double the sensation as the "Tough Side" firmly tightens and the "Tender Side" gently stimulates!

This pre-lubricated cup caters to men on the golovers wanting to spoil their partners or first time masturbation cup users.

A two in one blend of stimulation, its complex stimulus with multiple nodules allows you to enjoy different stimuli in both directions.

Its constricted shape with rough stimulus tightens while the smooth and slippery spiralled waves twist and entangle for ultimate satisfaction.

Enjoy either one side at a time, or be captivated by the contrasting sensations from both ends of this toy.

Inside the cup is a soft, complex shaped gel, urethane foam that produces just the right amount of pressure, and a lotion that supports smooth insertion. 

How to use:

- Remove the film and seal to open the lid
- Insert and move around to stimulate
- Close the lid and discard after use

How does it measure up?:
D × W × H (mm): 67 × 67 × 155
Insertion Length Approx. (mm): 150
Insertion Width Approx. (mm): 45