Sexopoly The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game

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Put fun at the very top of the agenda next time you met your friends with The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game, the game where friends mix business with pleasure!

Recommended for the adventurous or people who need a good laugh, if you enjoy an intimate and sexy game, this one's for you!

Based on the principles of Monopoly, every player gets a turn to roll the dice and compete with their friends to build the biggest, most profitable Adult Empire enjoying more than a little monkey business along the way!  Move around the board, using strategy and luck to purchases businesses and aim to make the most profit within the adult industry.

The road to success can be thrilling, so watch our for these cards along the way:

Risky or Frisky Cards - These can help or hinder your progress so approach with caution! They will try to relive you of your money, clothes, inhibitions, some will even tempt you with more riches by having you perform sexy challenges. 

Question Cards - Just how much do you and your friends really know about everything sexual? Find this all out and more as the questions tease and test players knowledge. Get them right and you will reap the rewards by handing out forfeits to your fellow players. Get them wrong and it's you who will be telling all or performing outrageously funny challenges!

The winner will be the player who displays the best boardroom skills and greatest bedroom knowledge.

If you've played Monopoly, you'll know that the rules are pretty easy to grasp and can also be bent to your liking. This game isn't any different, it remains open in its rules to let you decide where your comfort levels are making it suitable for most players. 

The cards themselves make for a thrilling evening of fun, whether used as part of the game or on their own.

What's in the box?
- 2 dice
- 1 Rules Sheet
- 1 Playing Board
- 8 Themed Playing Pieces
- 100 Risky or Frisky Cards
- 100 Question Cards
- 28 Ownership Cards
- Bank Notes

Suitable for 2-8 players.