Passion Painting Kit For Couples | Sex On Canvas

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EveryBODY is an artist with this sensual and playful combo!

Why would you possibly want to roll around in pleasure with paint on canvas?

It’s art, it’s personal and you’ll get a one-of-a-kind piece out of it. It’s also FUN.  An activity to bond and connect over.

You can express yourself without any words. Something to spice up your relations and you’ll be left with a lasting memory of it!

The old addage still applies - couples who play together, stay together!

The best part is, nobody will know what it is - only you! 

Ready to create your masterpiece? 

Kit includes: 

  • Canvas 1m x 1.52m
  • Drop sheet 
  • Slippers for both 
  • Konjac sponge  
  • 120ml non-toxic washable water-based paint
  • 50ml Love Oil Aromatherapy Massage Oil


  1. Place your drop sheet on a hard flat surface. Executing your festivities on the bed is not recommended as the paint might pool at centre of canvas. 

  1. Pour all paint onto the primed (white) side of canvas (120 ml is recommended). If you're combining two colours please use a total of 120ml (half of each bottle). Get more paint here.

  1. (Insert passionate play here). 

  1. Put your slippers on and get to the shower.  

  1. Leave canvas to dry for 24 hours. 

  1. Take your artwork in for framing. It is recommended that it is UV protected or lacquered so that it lasts.  

  1. Hang up, smile and enjoy your masterpiece! 

 While we've taken great care to source the safest possible paint for this activity and our testers precious bits made it out OK on the other end of this project, our bodies are all different so please use with caution. 

While we assure you that the paint won’t stain your skin and that you will not land up looking like Papa Smurf at Monday mornings meeting, we cannot guarantee that you will not have a reaction to this product, nor can you claim any PH imbalances back from us. 

Enjoy creating your masterpiece!

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