Oxballs Willy Rings 3 Pack Cock Ring Set

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OXBALLS, a superior brand built for men. Dedicated to making toys that fit, feel right, toys that make sex rougher, dirtier, kinkier and toys that last.

These super stretch cockrings can be used single, stacked or layered. Use one for a bloated throb or layer or stack up WILLY for a tighter bone.

They also stack on your sack for gradual ballstretching. Add more WILLY’S when you want more stretch, slow steady gradual stretch really works!

The WILLY RING is an Oxballs favorite because these are not cheap jelly rings! WILLY’S are 3 rings made from the toughest Flextpr™ and not cheap pvc that breaks after one use. You can expect a lot of wear out of WILLY.

How do they measure up?
Width: 3.8cm
Depth: 0.6cm
Outer circumference: 12.7cm
Inner circumference: 7cm
Weight: 42.5g