Lux Fetish Bondage Buddy Spreader Restraints

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There’s nothing more enticing than seeing your sexy slave bent over waiting to receive pleasure and delectable pain from their master!

Tease or torture your partner while they’re perfectly bent-over in position to give you easy access to their rear.

The Lux Fetish Bondage Buddy is a strap-style restraint system that comfortably binds your partner’s wrists in line with their ankles, placing them in a tantalizing bent-over position that’s perfect for spankings and other forms of impact play on the bum.

The position is also perfect for anal play and other sex positions.

With its simplistic look of a single linear strap, the Lux Fetish Bondage Buddy not only sports a sexy, no-nonsense look but also incredibly discreet, travel-friendly and easy to store.

The restraints comfortably stay in place with sturdy Velcro closures. The Bondage Buddy also comes with an included blindfold that is perfect for exploring different forms of sensory play.