• Kalahari-Horing SPERMULATOR 1 Month Supply

Kalahari-Horing SPERMULATOR 1 Month Supply

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The cause of low sperm count is attributed to the daily lifestyle choices that we make like smoking, drinking, taking other medications and stress.

Kalahari-Horing Spermulator product is 100% natural and helps regenerate a healthy sperm count.

It contains L-Arginine, which is known to increase sperm motility due to (APT) Adenosine triphosphate synthesis (8, 16, 19).

Lack of L-arginine (Amino acid) in the body causes defects in spermatogenesis and decreases motility. With The L-Arginine, Goji fruit (Wolfberry fruit) has been added to detox the body and Indian Ginseng for energy. Combined, you will get Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc.

You can use Kalahari-Horing Spermulator just for fun without any side effects. The product will boost your testosterone levels, strengthening your desire for sex.

Experience much more intense orgasms due to sheer volume of semen that increases through muscle contractions.

An option to try for couples who are struggling to get pregnant due to low sperm count.

Falls into Category D (Complementary Medicines).

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