Fun Factory Menstrual Cup Kit (A & B)

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Menstrual Cup: Your Hassle-Free Period.

Save time, money, and mental energy with a cup you can leave in safely all day!

The silicone FUN CUP sits in your vagina comfortably and unnoticeably, leaving you free to go about your life.

The FUN CUP is shaped to curve with your body, and the thickness of the silicone varies accordingly. The rim is thicker and firmer, to keep your cup reliably in place. The tapered tip is also firm, for easy adjustment. In the middle, the silicone is softer and thinner than that of other cups, so it conforms to the shape of your body, for maximum comfort.

The FUN CUP holds 4-6x as much as a tampon, depending on which size you choose. This kit even comes in two sizes, for lighter days and heavier days. When you're ready, just empty it, wash it out, put it back in, and go back to not thinking about your period.

- Comes with an antimicrobial bag

- Great for active people—run, swim & dance

- Awesome for your sexual health

- Eco-friendly, cuts down on waste

- Lightly textured for easy grip

- Lasts for years with proper care

- Non-porous and hypoallergenic

- Designed and handcrafted in Germany

- Body-safe materials


For women who don't know what size they should choose or want one cup for lighter days and one for heavy days.

SIZE A – Smaller (5,3 cm; Ø 4 cm; 20 ml)

Firmer silicone for greater control when placing and adjusting a smaller cupGood for: lighter flow, folks who are nervous about using something larger, women younger than 30.

SIZE B – Larger (5,8 cm; Ø 4,3 cm; 30 ml)

Softer silicone for a comfortable fit that holds a heavy flow without feeling intrusiveGood for: heavy flow, women who are older than 30 and/or have given vaginal birth.


Never make a late-night tampon run again. Never go fishing frantically in your purse for the pad you could swear you put in there earlier. How long you leave it in depends on your flow, but the FUN CUP's impressive capacity means that even someone with a heavy period can go a lot longer between trips to the bathroom. Just wash it off between uses, or — if you find yourself in a multi-stall public restroom — wipe it out with toilet paper and put it back in. If you think you'll start your period soon, you can even use a little lube and pop it in ahead of time, so you don't have to worry about sprinting to the bathroom in time to save your cute underwear.

Beach season? No problem. The FUN CUP keeps you protected while you swim, run, hike, hula hoop, whatever. Plus, you don't have to worry about a tampon string sticking out of your bathing suit or going skinny dipping on your period.


Sex is better when you're not all dried out from using a tampon or sticky from using a pad. Trust us. Besides, while tampons can leave micro-tears in your vagina, leaving you more susceptible to infections, the FUN CUP keeps your vagina healthy and ready for action. Not doing serious penetration? You don't even need to bother to take it out. The FUN CUP is great for oral, light fingering, strapping on a harness, and more.


Using disposable menstrual products? Your vagina has a sizeable carbon footprint, creating up to 140 kilograms of waste over a lifetime. By contrast, the medical grade silicone FUN CUP only needs to be replaced once every few years. Go ahead, save the Earth!

The FUN CUP comes with a sturdy antimicrobial bag, which keeps your cup clean and ready to use.