Doxy Mains Powered Original Wand Massager Pink

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The sleek black design of this Doxy vibrating wand massager delivers world-class orgasms with world-class design.

Whether used for clitoral or perineal stimulation or perhaps a back massage, the Doxy delivers unrivalled power in a wand massager and has acquired a legion of happy users.

Finding what works for you is all part of the fun, which is why the Doxy is ideal for women and couples ready and willing to explore different levels of arousal.

The massager’s head is covered with cushioned PVC giving it a large comfortable surface area that conducts the powerful vibrations to your body.

The 3-meter long lead gives you lots of play options and you never need to worry about finding a socket close to the bed, the couch, or the dining room table...

Made from aluminium and cast on-site, the weight and mechanism inside the Doxy's head means it rolls and rumbles, rather than buzzes. Offering powerful vibrations that penetrate deep into the body, it's extraordinarily effective when used as a general body massager, or for intimate intentions.

While many find themselves satisfied with the lower settings, the Doxy can reach up to 9000 rpm making it the perfect tool for those who want the option to play hard and fast.

Doxys controlled pulse setting means that you can add a whole new dimension to your experience by taking the rumbly vibrations from low, to high and back again at a variable speed with 3 easy to use control buttons.

How does the Doxy measure up?

- Head circumfrence: 19 cm to fit all standard sized wand attachments

- Massager length: 40cm

- Head width: 5.8cm

- Power Cord: Approximately 3 Metres

Easy to clean and care for, simply wipe down with a wet wipe after use.

Doxys soft head covering is made from a hypoallergenic medical grade silicone that is free from latex or undesirable phthalates.

Comes with a comprehensive 12-month guarantee.

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