Stainless Steel Adjustable Spreader Bar | Ankle & Wrist Restraints

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One of the best toys for erotic bondage games and restraint

This kinky spreader bar has ankle and wrist restraints that provide support and comfort while making it clear that your partner is under your mercy.

It features a sturdy metal bar with four little rings where the soft and comfortable cuffs are attached. The bar holds your partner still while spreading their legs open, so you can do whatever you wish.

Place the cuffs on their wrists and ankles and fasten them using the fully adjustable buckles before hooking each of them to the bar. Once secured, feel free to carry out all your lustful plans!

The four cuffs have a convenient velcro closure for safety which makes this piece the best option for newbies who are still experimenting with restraints

How does it measure up?
Bar length: 44cm
Cuffs: Adjustable to fit most sizes

Materials: Stainless Steel & Nylon