Satisfyer Power Balls Kegel Training Kit

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The ultimate orgasm training kit!

The Satisfyer Power Balls Kegel set is a progressive kegel system that allows you to enhance your pelvic fitness for deeper and more intense orgasms, alongside a range of other health benefits, at a self-selected pace.

Wearing the Power Balls for only 15 minutes a day over a period of time will greatly assist in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles for better sexual experiences.

Due to the metal core inside, the balls also create pleasantly stimulating vibrations when you move, which further intensifies the effect of the training and overall enjoyment of use.

Simply apply a generous amount of water-based lube, insert your love balls and enjoy your exercises while you're out shopping, at the gym or relaxing at home. Remove them easily with the included loop.

The love balls come in a trio with different weights ranging from 60g to 75.6g and up to 91.6g which allows you to gradually increase your training intensity.

Suitable for both beginner and advanced kegel athletes

Here are some of the benefits of regularly exercising your pelvic floor:

Pleasure for you - Regular use will tone and strengthen your pelvic floor so you can enjoy enhanced sensitivity and more intense, easy-to-achieve orgasms as well as improved bladder control.

Pleasure for him - If you have a male partner, kegel excercises can lead to a whole new sexual experience when you use your improved PC muscle to grip and tease his penis during intercourse. 

Pregnancy - Speed up vaginal recovery and enjoy the enhanced tightness you’ll achieve with increased sensitivity during sex.

Menopause Strengthening your PC muscle can enhance your natural vaginal lubrication, sexual response and urinary control during the physiological changes of menopause.

Measurements - Length: 8cm, Width:3cm.

Made from soft and silky silicone, these love balls are best used with a water-based lubricant and are easy to clean with mild soap and warm water.

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