GLOW - A Healthier And Happier YOU | My Success With HCG

I am not a doctor or a sexologist, I am a business woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, friend and lover.

I’m in the adult industry, the sex toy market is thriving. Many opportunities cross my desk daily, but not all of them get me THIS excited.

Note well, I am generally not a fan of the word DIET. It’s always meant sacrificing something to me. It feels like a chore and that thing you start every Monday. But, when the opportunity to list the HCG range crossed my desk I just couldn't turn it away. HCG pretty much saved me from myself, and here’s why.



Picture the scene, 35 kilos heavier post pregnancy, libido has packed its bags and gone on hiatus and I don’t want to look at myself in the mirror. I’d never had a particularly healthy relationship with food (read: comfort eater).

My weight had always been a comfort layer for me. Pregnancy meant that I could justify it even further - I had a baby I was eating for two! Yes, I did indeed have a beautiful baby, yes I chose to eat for two. Raging hormones, cravings and all those things were a great reason WHY but 4 years later what was my excuse? All of the above? Instead of boldly facing the world which my introverted self loathed doing I'd hide behind my weight. I only came to realise that this is what I had been doing when I had nothing left to hide behind.

A lot of ancillary issues (our own fears) are hiding behind the weight that we carry and when that weight is gone we are left to face them. It's not all about the pounds and inches it's about taking charge of YOU. It's about winning the war against yourself.

I am sure we can all agree that how you feel about yourself informs the quality of relationships you have with others. The relationship with self is a complex one.

I ended up having three very successful rounds of HCG post pregnancy and lost a total of 31kg’s. To date, this remains the only lifestyle that has worked for me.


Drops or injections? During my rounds I tried both methods, drops and injections. They work equally as well and both achieved the same desired effect. I prefer the injections purely from an admin point of once a day and you're done. I did sometimes forget to take the drops on time and had to delay my meal which was frustrating. Drops help those with fear of needles and also can greatly assist children who have gone through puberty with weight loss management which is superb!

My relationship with food changed drastically I started appreciating my food more and looking forward to vegetables. I got far more creative with my meals and incorporated things I would never normally eat. I also realised just how much crap I was eating before, and stopped wanting said crap. Quite possibly the biggest plus for me is that I was no longer OBSESSING over food. Haven't eaten properly all day but snack attack later

Body sculpting, my face didn’t fall off either HCG deals with our bad stored fats, my body shape changed beautifully during this time with little to no exercise and the protocol left me with an overall more toned appearance. Again, the enhanced appearance of my complexion was a lovely surprise.

I felt GOOD! Energy, and lots of it! This was wonderful energy, energy! Energised, more focused and GLOWING. I look back at pictures of my journey now and can see it, Energized, glowing

I didnt starve What??? Note well, my first attempt at the protocol required a 3 day binge prior to starting Phase 1 of the plan. The new protocol required a 3 day detox. It’s a double edged sword. Detox isn’t fun, but when you get to eat your first bit of protein it feels like Christmas has come early and I quite enjoy knowing we are starting out on a cleaned detoxified system. So despite its difficulty, detox first makes more sense to me.

I wasn’t HANGRY The beauty of the protocol is that HCG combined with the 500 – 800 calorie eating plan doesn't leave you feeling like you’re going to pass out from hunger. Being hangry isn’t a desired state for me so this is I remember being on an eating plan once that did, we don’t . Over time, all your old favourites really don’t bother you. Regulates that urge No urge for carbs or sugar is a good feeling.

It works QUICK This is possibly one of the most satisfying parts of it. Because the weight loss is so rapid it makes sticking to the rules a lot easier.  From me to you - you're going to fit into those long lost jeans you saved for later and while they might be dated by now it's still a damn good feeling when you do! 

The protocol stops for 3 days if you cheat. This is true. Don’t wander off the beaten track. Its not always easy, I know. But you’ll kick yourself when weight loss halts for 3 days after that tiny piece of cheddar. Its just not worth it.

The weight stays OFF Once you’ve navigated through maintenance phase and reintroduced other foods back into your life your metabolism is on fire. Maintenance phase is super important, I didn’t do this properly after my first two rounds and I saw a small gain (2kgs) over a 2 year period. NOT BAD. But, we don’t want to mess with all the hard work we’ve put in, so please take maintenance seriously.

I saved money Initially the thought of forking out over a grand to start was a bit scary. That said, your food choices change drastically which works out far cheaper overall so it's well worth it.

I feel comfortable sharing this with you I remember going to an 'old work friends reunion’ straight out of my last round and I was so nervous! My mind hadn’t quite caught up to my new body. I didn’t feel as though I deserved to feel so good. An interesting revelation, I know now that I do!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I am VERY EXCITED to have this offer listed to you. Get your pack with complimentary Play With Me voucher so when you're in the mood for some 'moderate to extreme’ exercise you can really get the mood going 😉

It’s convenient, delivered straight to your door with all the info you need to get started. As always, we are here every step of the way! I’m ready for my final round, who’s joining me?

Let’s GLOW together!

Carmen Ely

Founder: Play With Me