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Truth Or Dare Erotic Party Edition

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Anything goes, but nothing's a must. How far do you dare to go?

The makers of the internationally beloved game Discover Your Lover have put an erotic spin on the famous game of Truth or Dare!

Truth or Dare Erotic Party Edition has 69 spicy questions and 69 provocative dares. It’s bold, it's naughty and it's very exciting. 

Play this game with 3 or more friends. Here's how:

Toss the included chip to determine which kind of card you draw.

On a TRUTH card, you only earn points for an honest answer, the more detailed, the better.

On a DARE card, you earn points by completing the provocative challenge. Did you draw a question or dare you really don’t want to answer or do? No problem, but the points for that card are subtracted from your score.

A taste of the questions and dares:

- Lie blindfolded on your back with your arms along your sides. Each player now places one hand on your body. Identify whose hand is touching you where.

- What’s your naughtiest fantasy?

- Spanking! Ask the player to your left to give you a good one. Three gentle spanks are enough.

- The person to your right hides a coin under their clothes. You have to find it with your eyes closed.