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Set of 3 Indian Jade YONI EGGS

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Indian Jade, or Green Aventurine as it is also known, is a stone of optimism, joy and zest for life! It is useful for releasing old patterns, habits or relationships and to welcome change, growth and renewal. It encourages us to embrace life’s challenges with lightness and humour. It is very useful for clearing and balancing our emotions. It is a stone that stimulates life-force and encourages physical and vibrational vitality, making it a perfect stone for any conscious sexuality practice. It keeps us heart-centered and is also beneficial for heart health and the circulatory system.

A wonderful yoni egg to use to help let go of the old and welcome the new!

A practice that has been around for centuries, Yoni Eggs are carved from crystals into the shape of eggs.

They are inserted into the vagina for up to 12 hours per day for the purpose of strengthening the vaginal muscles and toning the pelvic floor.

The sexual benefits from using a Yoni Egg are far reaching. When the vaginal muscles are weak we can experience vaginal desensitisation and dryness leading to weak/non-existent orgasms and/or uncomfortable sex.

When a yoni egg is used on a daily basis, however, the entire vaginal area becomes far more responsive as more blood flows to this area creating increased lubrication, orgasms are far more frequent and much deeper and more intense and it becomes far easier to reach G-spot and full body cervical orgasms as opposed to more superficial clitoral orgasms. Tighter muscles and more muscle control in general are developed, thereby creating more pleasure for men as well.

Regular use of a yoni egg also helps connect us far more deeply to this area of our bodies. Most of us experience some kind of disconnect from our sexuality at some point in our lives and by getting back in touch with our bodies in such an intimate way we are able to release old, stuck, negative emotions and beliefs that no longer serve us, which works wonders for improving our sex lives.

This set of 3 Indian Jade Yoni Eggs include a Small egg (4 x 2.5cm), Medium egg (4.5 x 3cm) and a Large egg (5 x 3.5cm). Packaged in a beautiful presentation pouch with a silk carrying pouch included.

Sideways drilled through narrow end of each egg. Unwaxed, unflavoured dental floss for threading and a cleaning brush included. Full instruction booklet included.

As this is a natural product and, due to the individual characteristics of the stones, variance in the appearance of the eggs is to be expected.