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Discovering Leigh Erotic Story

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Friendship? Beauty? Infatuation? Kink? Love? Betrayal? Does any of it mean what you think it means?

Gerry Pelser's debut novel, Discovering Leigh, is sure to answer that question as it takes you on your own journey of self discovery. Get this book, it's captivating!

Five years ago, corporate IT lackey Mikey Marais inadvertently stumbled into a nightclub, and discovered something he did not even know existed: a private play-place for bondage and fetish enthusiasts in the middle of Johannesburg City centre. Now, Mikey has made himself a name as a resident rope-bondage expert, and has become the go-to guy to facilitate anyone's deviant desires.

Leigh McCabe, a short, gawky, twenty-four year old photographer, sees Mikey in action during a bondage showpiece, and realises that she wants to, needs to, explore her darker side, and requests fetish training under the guidance of Sir Michael.

Leigh embarks on a strange and unusual journey of fetish instruction with Mikey, a physical and emotional adventure taking them out of the Johannesburg city centre into the exotic landscape of the African bush, where both of them explore hitherto undiscovered parts of themselves, and forge extraordinary friendships based on their mutual weirdness and respect.