TENGA Egg Male Masturbator Regular CLICKER

  • R 185.00
  • R 94.00
  • - -97%

Improve your masturbation experience to create more pleasure with this modern masturbation sleeve. Stretches to fit all sizes and comes in 6 different varieties, for a range of pleasing textures and sensations.

The CLICKER has been reviewed as a good option for those who are sensitive to direct stimulation on the head and is said to give off a 'nice kind of freaky' sensation.

Also great for couples play if you're looking to ramp up the levels of excitement in the bedroom.

What we like about TENGA Egg is that it's approachable, easy to hide and carry, includes a sachet of lube and is inexpensive enough to be treated as disposable.

Ladies, there's also no reason why you can't turn it inside out and use it on your favourite toys...


Recommended one time use only.