Spoilt for Choice

We’ve been on a mission to find the right stuff for you, toys that we hope will have you squealing in delight!

So in keeping with this month’s theme, the Play With Me team took to the streets to find out what the average South African’s view is on the topic of sex toys.

The results are alarmingly similar. Most of us simply do not know what we want or where to start looking for it.

Admittedly, whilst we are privileged enough to live in a world abundant with choice, sometimes there is simply too much to choose from. We sympathise, having been through a similar experience at the start of this venture, but perhaps there is something we can do about that.

Looking for something in particular? We’d love to help you find it. Don’t know what you need? We’re here to take the complexity out of your search and are confident that our cherry- picked selection will get you really excited, because after all – its time to play!